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Rosetta Homes

Rosetta Homes is more than just a home for aging seniors. All of our facilities are designed to provide 24-hour care to those with Alzheimer’s and other related dementia’s. We have the safety and well-being in mind for each person in our home.

Our deliberate approach to programs and activities are designed to increase cognitive stimulation. We endeavor to enhance the working memory of each resident and slow cognitive decline.

Memory-impairment is not only an individual problem but a family concern as well. We work with the families of our residents to create a personalized plan of self-care and assisted care. It also means learning new ways of interaction. We provide family education to lessen the stress of dealing with the memory-impaired person and to maintain their dignity and respect.

Come and visit the facility and meet our memory care team. Rosetta Homes is not just a perfect choice for families requiring Alzheimer or Dementia care. Its a place where a loved one can really feel at home. We believe and strive to be the best Assisted Living Facility in all the communities in which we serve.